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Smiley Face Open Neon Sign For Sale

A pop-culture icon since the 1970’s, the smiley face has experienced a resurgence in fame, mainly due to instant messaging and other computer applications that utilize the smiley face in everyday communication. Therefore, if you have your heart set on greeting your customers with a big smile, the Smiley Face Open Neon Sign is your best option.

Handcrafted in the classic yellow color, the Smiley Face Open Neon Sign is downright adorable. Business owners who are passionate about the famous smiley face will be thrilled to hang Smiley Face Open Neon Signthis sign in a store, restaurant, or pub. Stretching 32 inches across and 13 inches tall, the Smiley Face Open Neon Sign is about as big a grin as you can get for your front door. The sign even saves space by placing the smiley face within the “O” in “open.”

Your business will be surrounded in peace, love, and joy when you hang the Smiley Face Open Neon Sign in your most prominent window. Some fads never go out of style.


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