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Pabst Blue Ribbon Guitar Neon Beer Sign For Sale

Established in Milwaukee more than 160 years ago, Pabst is known for brewing an unpretentious, uncompromising beer—a great beer for great times. The Pabst Blue Ribbon Pabst Blue Ribbon Guitar Neon Beer SignGuitar Neon Beer Sign reflects the hometown traditions that Pabst embraced so long ago.

With a blue guitar in the background encircled by a red accent line, this neon sign can create a playful atmosphere for your home-based game room or rec room. Your friends and family will appreciate the sign’s down-to-earth design and nostalgia.

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Guitar Neon Beer Sign is also a prized possession for bar and liquor store owners who know how to make their sensible clientele feel right at home. A little music, a few old friends, and savoring Pabst several ounces at a time—that’s what the Pabst Blue Ribbon Guitar Neon Beer Sign is all about.

If you’re in good company with Pabst beer drinkers, you should have a neon sign to commemorate the Pabst way of life.


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